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Robert J. Bell

President, Director of Engineering & Level III ET

Robert J. Bell, President & Director of Engineering/Level III

Bob Bell is the Director of Engineering of Heat Exchanger Systems, Inc. (HES). He is responsible for all engineering efforts at HES and for management of many of HES's projects. Mr. Bell is the founder of HES, an engineering firm providing a broad spectrum of services to the utility industry in the field of heat exchangers and associated systems. Since its conception in 1982, HES has provided services to over 80 utilities. Prior to forming HES he served as a Project Manager and Supervisor in Stone and Webster's Special Projects group, responsible for retrofit work, feasibility studies, and problem investigations in fossil fueled and nuclear power plants.His more than 29 years of professional engineering covers a variety of industrial project and most notably design, retrofit, and operating experience with power plant heat exchanger systems.




Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1970Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University, 1976Master of Business Administration (Honors), Babson College, 1981CREDENTIALSMr. Bell is a recognized authority in the area of power plant heat exchanger systems. He has authored or coauthored over 30 technical papers on this subject and has been a principal investigator on several related EPRI projects. Mr. Bell has also developed and presented seminars on Steam Surface Condenser Design, Operations, and Maintenance and on Feedwater Heater Design, Operation, and Maintenance to HES's utility clients and for the Center For Professional Advancement.Level III - Eddy Current Testing




Mr. Bell's assignments with respect to:Management of condition assessment, and condition monitoring (including non-destructive examination projects):


  • Steam Surface Condenser and Deaerator Storage Tank - Ewa Beach, Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture.

  • Component Cooling Water Heat Exchangers, Feedwater Heaters, Auxiliary Condensers, Steam Surface Condensers - Somerset Station, New York State Electric & Gas Co.

  • Steam Surface Condensers and Feedwater Heaters - Mystic Station, Units 4, 5, 6 & 7, Boston Edison Company.

  • SteamSurface Condensers, Feedwater Heaters, Cooling Water Heat Exchangers, Hydrogen Coolers and Oil Coolers - New Boston Station, Units 1 & 2, Boston Edison Co.

  • Steam Surface Condensers (including corrosion monitoring) and Cooling Water Heat Exchangers - Intermountain Power Projects, Units 1 and 2.

  • Service Water System Heat Exchangers, Susquahanna Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2, Pennsylvania Power & Light Company.

  • Service Water Systems, Heat Exchangers and Piping, Steam Surface Condenser - River Bend Station, Gulf States Utilities.

  • Principle Investigator for EPRI Projects:Service Water System Source BookRecommended Practice for the Operation and Maintenance of Steam Surface Condensers.Life Extension Guidelines and Training, Power Plant Heat Exchangers. Manual for Investigation and Correction of Feedwater Heater Failures​

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